Is eHarmony the secret to a happy matrimony?

eHarmony truly believes so.

We have been hearing a lot lately concerning ‘landmark’ brand new learn that says marriages that start online are longer and a lot more satisfying than marriages that begin offline. We have additionally heard lots towards supply of the study’s resource: eHarmony.

And here’s another insane happenstance: the eHarmony-funded study in addition unearthed that eHarmony is the greatest online dating site for long-lasting connections. How unforeseen!

Alright, all joking aside, eHarmony swears it wasn’t involved in all information evaluation and all of the results are entirely objective. A research is a study, while the systematic area of my brain can’t resist the desire to take a good look at the analysis (biased although it might be). Thus why don’t we diving in…

In which tend to be partners fulfilling nowadays?

  • 16% use internet dating.
  • 14per cent come together.
  • 12per cent fulfill through pals.
  • Other individuals fulfill through social network internet sites, school, and social events (7percent each).

Where more do people meet?

  • Offline, lovers meet in pubs or organizations, through family relations, at locations of praise, and on blind dates.
  • On line, lovers meet in chat rooms, through other social networks, by instantaneous texting, and while playing multiplayer online games.

Where in case you meet if you’re searching for a long-term relationship?

  • eHarmony, needless to say, ranks number one.
  • « all the other online dating » is available in 2nd, accompanied by « all the other internet based. »
  • « all the other » will come in finally place.

Which dating internet site is responsible for one particular delighted marriages?

  • wonder, shock – eHarmony is actually no. 1 once more with 25.04per cent of marriages.
  • is actually an in depth next with 24.34percent.
  • Selection of tiny internet sites have the effect of 24.64per cent of web marriages.
  • 13.09% tend to be unspecified.
  • 7.21per cent originate from Yahoo! Personals.
  • 5.71% begin many seafood.

On the flip side, what’s the rate of break-up and divorce among recent marriages?

  • 7.70% of recently-ended interactions began offline.
  • 6.89percent begun on a dating web site that’s not eHarmony.
  • 6.23percent started someplace else on line.
  • And – naturally – merely 3.86per cent of current break-ups and divorces started on eHarmony.

How come eHarmony couples have these types of a leg up on your competition? People say it is because:

  • we are crazy.
  • We trust both.
  • The audience is pleased.
  • We’re compatible.
  • We have biochemistry.

Also it completely doesn’t have anything regarding the fact eHarmony paid for the analysis. At all. Just what could possibly have put a wacky concept like this in the head?

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